How it works?

How it works

Sometime in the past the best way to get a decent app made for your business or some other reason would require a great deal of complex coding and that is the reason it was not for everybody. Be that as it may, extraordinary compared to other app maker, Appcary made it workable for individuals with tight spending plans to make app without composing even a solitary line of code. Appcary's exclusive 3 step process to convert website to app includes the following:

  • 1. Submit your website URL
  • Enter the website you might want to convert over into a native app.

  • 2. We deliver your app
  • In less than 24 hours we will create your app and deliver it to you.

  • 3. Upload to App Store
  • You're good to go! Basically upload your app to the App Store or Play Store.

The innovation behind Appcaryis worked to take any current web application and consistently convert it into local apps for Android and iOS.

The cutting edge web is amazing, so as opposed to "going native" by beginning without any preparation and keeping up discrete code bases crosswise over web, Android and iOS, Appcary use your current web application to serve and design page content while consistently coordinating native features to accomplish a native client experience that feels the manner in which native should.

A Better Wrapper
  • Everything begins with hosting your current web application in our custom-built Android and iOS native containers.

    This enables you to distribute and appropriate your "web app" as a "native application" through Apple App Store and Google Play, and all updates to your website automatically course to your native apps, no app store updates required.

    We've adopted an different strategy in comparison to other "wrapper" arrangements accessible. Different wrappers influence PhoneGap/Cordova which requires static format records and AJAX for all system demands. Appcary has been planned without any preparation to work with any current live web application.

  • Presumably the most widely recognized complaint about "hybrid" approaches like our own is performance, and we pay attention to this very. The web has made some amazing progress since Facebook famously abandonned their HTML5 app for customary native.

    In any case, even with a super-quick current web, your clients expect and request genuinely native performance. Appcary apps utilize the most recent webview advances and javascript motors, and utilize progressed reserving methods to make your apps fly.

Plug & Play Native Components
  • While the web is fantastic at serving page content, certain interactions and controls can be increasingly wonderful user experiences when implemented natively. Appcary offers a wide scope of fitting and-play local segments that integrate directly with your current web application, no progressions required.

    The absolute most well known local parts Appcary offers are message notifications, profound connecting, camera and video uploads, location based administrations, sidebar and tab navigation menus, custom launch images, and more.

We want to hear from you!
  • We'd love to hear out about your project and examine how our innovation can help. We've done everything from basically authorizing our source code, to creating custom arrangements over our foundation and offering on-going help and backing. Check out our pricing for more details and email us if you think we might be of service!

Are you ready?

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